Building a Diorama, by: Rodolfo Torres V. - Mexico

This is my job I have just started, the tittle is "Douvres, France - 1944", this is the future scenary for my Tiger I Ausf E,  I hope you like my procedure.

Fig. 1.- Plastic Evergreen strips to make the stairs
Fig. 2.- To make the stairs scheme with wood
Fig. 3.- With Tamiya glue stick the stairs between  the wood previously cut and the wall on the back (also made of wood)
Fig. 4.- Join the upper side of the stairs with glue for wood

Fig. 5, 6 & 7- Cover all surfaces of the walls and stairs with Politec (acrylic poliester)
Fig. 8.- Be sure that your job has been duly set over the Diorama base

Fig. 9, 10, & 11.- Put over  the kit which contains sidewalk and paviment, in this case I selected the "Vac-Formed" of Remi  which is perfectly detailed with railroad and drain
Fig. 12.- Be sure that every part fixes perfectly

Fig. 13.- To make banisters for the upper side of the stairs I used wood and plastic Evergreen strips
Fig. 14.- Cut small pieces of metalic thin-bars
Fig. 15.- The small pieces of metalic thin-bars should be joined below each wood banister
Fig. 16.- Use Humbrol Model Filler and acetone for the following step

Fig. 17.- With Model Filler cover all wood surfaces (except stairs);  through this,  lines over the wood are perfectly erased and it remains a real wall aspect
Fig. 18 & 19.- Before it dries, use a pencil and ruler to draw the brick lines
Fig. 20.- Use an acrylic brown color to paint the banister wood and then use an scriber to draw lines which will define the wood,  and finally over the same wood apply a creme color with a dry brush which will give a more real aspect

Fig. 21, 22, 23 & 24.- Apply red acrylic color for walls, grey for the stairs entrance, light-grey for sidewalk and paviment, after they dry, dust with pastel colors all previosly painted surfaces on the same colors used in acrylic and the aspect will be more real.   Note: Paviment - After painting with acrylic, apply  Humbrol cream color with a dry brush, then dust it with a mixure of pastel colors (ligh-grey - 70% and black - 30%), it will give a "dirty aspect on the street", apply some of this last mixure on each corner and border of the stairs, and finally with a dry brush apply some Humbrol silver color over the railroad and drain.