MODEL KIT: 35216 of Tamiya - TIGER I AUSF E (Sd.kfz.181)

PHOTOETCHED & RESIN OF: Verlinden Kit. No. 1177


End of 1943, Tigers in the Zihtomir and Berdichev woods sector; tactic number  S33 of the sKp/SS-PzRgt.2, SS-Panzer Grenadier Division Das Reich. with the marking used from the Kursk offensive.




The History of the Tiger is know,  but in this kit I represent the Tiger S33 (S=Schwere=Heavy 33) that was saw  in combat in France and in the Zhitomir & Berdichev woods during the Kursk battle.   The marks of "Das Reich" were represented by a "gnome" with other mark for the Kursk Battle "II".

In order to begin, this model presented  displayed a very good aspect as usually happens to the models of this prestigious mark.

The turret, chassis and rest of the structure have an excellent detail forming a good assembled precision level:  panels, boxes and other lines are good enough to be able to work on them as well as the rivets and ends.


 I washed the structure of the tank with soap and water using smooth dental brush  not to damage the model. Then,  using extra-thin clamps I began to separate the wheels arranging them in rows of 4 and making a slight sandpapering leaving them in the same order, then I painted the borders with X1-black of Tamiya (put the wheels to the other end of the table to be able to work on the others),  I followed with the separation of the rest of the pieces giving them a slight sandpapering.   Once the model is built, we followed with the application of Putty of Humbrol with a thin brush soaking it with acetone to be able to handle it, we filled up the hollows of the tank to cover the surface as well as from the turret with special attention to gun-barrel;  once the putty was dried,  I  proceeded to also sandpaper the parts (it binds fine-thin) with special attention to the gun-barrel since it can loose roundness if it scrapes more, I immediately applied a little oil with bidistilled turpentine spirit color dark-yellow; this helps to eliminate the gun-barrel mark of the line.


The Verlinden (box #1177) Photoetched are of great quality.  For ensambling I applied Zip-a-Gap or Cyanoacrylato glue to get a better result.   The pieces that I ensambled were:

* Shovel and clasps tools
* Grids
* Fittings
* Mud guards front and back
* Brackets of Jack Winde Crec
* Exhausts
* Padlock for the tool box
* Brackets and bars of the cables
* Smoke Grenade Launcher
* Turret compartment