March 23, 2019


Hello friends!

For take off, I re-started this nice hobby with my Tiger I E/H Italieri (with another parts I will add because in the kit are missing ). The kit coming with regular quality. Version probably, Tank 121 or 813 in Tunisia. Will be "Out of Box" in 99%, I will add a Jordi gun barrel and grids made by me. I am very happy to return to build again!!!. (Last March 16/2019, I started this kit). After 4.5 years of not building, I feel somewhat clumsy.



The rear section ready!. I replaced the tool-box because in the kit is missing.  I will remove the mudguards because are incorrect.


Tools mounted without problems, except the extinguisher that I placed in oposite side.


Beginning the turret with bad luck, in one side plentiful scratches and holes, and the other side is normal. In order to solve this I used Plastic Putty of Vallejo.


Painted interiors of turret with Vallejo; I cut the muzzle break for adjust with the Jordi gun barrel. I will add a light weathering before to glue the turret.



I applied a weathering using ATL (Mexican) pigments and pencil-pigment Koh-I-Noor - Hardtmuth from Czech Republic.



Ready for paint!. I have built this Italieri Tiger in simple form without complications in order to recover my "sleeping skills", hee,hee. Conclusion: I will need more patience than before and more attention to detail in my next project. Next step: I will see how I am in the matter of painting. I have checked my compressor and it is okay and my airbrush apparently fine after of 4.5 years without use.



Before to start the paint, I applied a coat of Surface Primer of Vallejo.




I corrected some imperfections using Putty of Vallejo and adding some rough surface above of the turrer for the weathering